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About Us

OverSightMD is a continuum of care support service that enables non-affiliated hospital and post-acute providers to function as a unified healthcare delivery system, reduce hospital re-admissions, and improve patient outcomes.

We provide continuous patient population management and facilitate the seamless exchange of relevant, meaningful data which enables providers to deliver timely, effective care, and achieve their efficiency and quality metric goals.

OverSightMD’s daily mission is to compile, interpret, and share relevant clinical data to support:

Meaningful Use

Real-Time Clinical Communications

Value-Based Care

Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

Patient Centricity

Patient Safety

Readmission Defense Strategies

Patient Advocacy

OverSightMD Inc.
1525 McCarthy Blvd
Suite 1000
Milpitas, CA 95035

Executive Team

CEO & Founder

Mark Godwin

Primary Care & Platform Advisor

Dr. Neesheet Parikh

Physician Oversight Directors

Gregory Pecchia, D.O.

Dr. Kevin Murray M.D., M.S.