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Proactive Integrated
Health Management

Chronic Conditions Cost $3.7 Trillion Per Year
27% of Hospital Readmissions are Preventable
18 Million out of 27 Million ER Visits are Avoidable.

We Prevent and Solve Problems

Proactive & Integrated Care Delivers Actual Results!


Average Client ROI Per Quarter

value based payments received


 Average Savings Per Patient / Quarter

value based payments received


Average Preventable Readmission Rate

reduce costs by lowering hospital readmissions


Average Readmission Reduction

One Person, Whole Solution

Preventing, Reversing & Effectively Managing Chronic Conditions




Behavioral Health



Metabolic Health



Mental Health

The Only Solution Overseeing the Whole Person

What We Do 24/7

Real-Time Population Management


Symptoms and Vitals Monitoring


Real-Time Interventions


Clinical Hand-offs and Coordination


Real-Time Clinical Communication


Virtual Rounding


Real-Time Risk Management


Care Continuum Scorecard


Real Empathy & Compassion Breaks Barriers

After we understand a person’s needs, we have the people &  platform to take immediate action.

value based payments received


Nurse Guidance Compliance

value based payments received


Engagement Rate

improve precare patient compliance


Pre-Care Support Compliance

Health Management Done Right

The secret is Integrated Care 

Access to Clinical Experts

Our easy-to-use platform receives vitals, symptoms, and clinical updates from you and connects you with our nurse triage team and clinical experts specializing in metabolic, behavioral, and mental health.

Take Control of Your Plan

Our clinical specialists will aid in assisting you to understand and maintain your care plan.  Take preventive actions now to reduce chronic conditions and reach your goals.  

Protect Your Health

Our proactive approach to healthcare means our team provides a customized approach to your routine healthcare needs.  We make protecting your long-term health easy through friendly reminders and routine health data collection & analysis. 

Stay Active & Engaged

Remain active and keep your providers informed.  Get timely responses from care professionals and make managing your daily health and wellbeing fit your lifestyle.

Proactive Healthcare Delivered Hourly 

Modern Technology

Embracing the leading edge of what is available to diagnose, treat, and care for all.

Personalized Solutions

Everyone is unique and requires care specific to their goals and needs.

Proactive NOT Reactive

Changing the way that care is prioritized.

Access Providers

Get access to providers when you need them.

Driving Integrated Care

Human Intelligence


Continuous Tracking


Collaborative Engagement


Care Coordination

Whole Family, One Solution


Our programs are designed to understand your complete health needs and support your physical, emotional, and social health. OverSightMD assists individuals with getting the care they are seeking before they really need it at all stages of life.


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