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About Us

OverSightMD is a continuum of care support service that enables non-affiliated hospital and post-acute providers to function as a unified healthcare delivery system, reduce hospital re-admissions, and improve patient outcomes.

We provide continuous patient population management and facilitate the seamless exchange of relevant and meaningful data to allow post-acute providers to focus on what is most important for their referral sources.

OverSightMD’s daily mission is to compile, interpret, and share relevant clinical data to support:

Meaningful Use

Real-Time Clinical Communications

Value-Based Care

Enhanced Clinical Outcomes

Patient Centricity

Patient Safety

Readmission Defense Strategies

Patient Advocacy

OverSightMD Inc.
1525 McCarthy Blvd
Suite 1000
Milpitas, CA 95035

Executive Team

CEO & Founder

Mark Godwin

Primary Care & Platform Advisor

Dr. Neesheet Parikh

Physician Oversight Directors

Gregory Pecchia, D.O.

Dr. Kevin Murray M.D., M.S.