What We Do

OverSightMD Supervised Care

Every customer is under the careful watch of the OverSightMD’s staff through our remote wellness monitoring devices. All of the clinical vitals that you record are analyzed by the OverSightMD software and reviewed by a trained professional. Monthly wellness assessments by the OverSightMD care team check for common symptoms and ailments that often go unnoticed and unaddressed without routine wellness monitoring.

Doctor Dispatch

The 24/7 Care Connect doctor dispatch service is ready to listen to your changes in condition and any new symptoms you may be experiencing and help coordinate the care you need. We coordinate directly with your primary care physician of choice and help arrange an appointment either at their local office or through a mobile physician partner that can attend your needs directly in the comfort of your home.

Medical Alert System

Quick access to emergency medical responders through the push of a button provides seniors the safety and security to continue to age in place and their loved ones can feel confident them living independently. Coupled with a wearable fall detection pendant every customer is protected through our medical alert system even if they fall and can not reach the communication hub to alert emergency services themselves.

Remote Wellness Monitoring

The OverSightMD platform integrates health and wellness information from a variety of sources to allow our teams to conduct remote wellness monitoring. The easy to use Bluetooth devices help every senior take daily measurements such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, and glucose and all of that data is analyzed to uncover potential health risks. Our care teams will conduct a routine wellness assessment over the phone to check in and evaluate changes in condition and coordinate with care providers when necessary.

Care Team Coordination

Every customer receives a dedicated care team representative that is ready to support the senior with coordinating care from providers. We gladly help customers with placing requests with their primary care physician for finding the next available appointment or requesting medication refills. We also reach out to other companies involved with their care such as home health agencies or durable medical equipment procurement companies to quickly address and resolve problems with the delivery of care or equipment.

Preventive Care Reminders

Every patient relies on your recommendations for the best available supporting organizations for their needs. We maintain real-time insight on the performance of skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, and care communities so that you make the best referral possible for every patient and their health needs.

Vitals, Sleep, & Activity OverSight

We take a holistic approach to identifying and tracking risk for every In-Patient and Post-Acute patient. Understanding the risk profile allows each responsible care giver to proactively mitigate risk for each patient under their charge. In-Patient risk profiles change due to negative changes in condition or positive improvements and these are presented to clinical teams in easy to view dashboards. The long term recovery of Post-Acute patients involves understanding the risks associated at the home environment of a patient and what support is available from care professionals or family. We continue to maintain risk profiles on patients as they transition across all levels of care.

On-Demand Care

The 24/7 Care Connect solution makes access to trained care professionals only a push of a button away. Our doctor dispatch services mean you have access to on-demand care when you need it.

Personalized Health & Wellness

Every customer receives customized reporting to maintain real-time insight into how well you are doing. OverSightMD sets itself apart by making every customer experience personalized to their health and wellness needs based on their current wellbeing, medical history, living environment, and available support.

Care Plan OverSight

Every time a customer has a new change in their health or has a stay in the hospital or a skilled nursing facility, their care plan will likely be changed. We make it a priority to help seniors stay the course with the desired care plan and make sure all medications are adhered to, all follow-up visits occur and most importantly the individuals delivering your care are on the same page following the directives outlined by your attending physicians.

How We Do It

Keeping the Care Contiuum Connected