Our Push Button Care Mobile Support device is designed to protect older adults anywhere they may go and is a direct connection to our support team available to support their independence.  The Mobile Support device delivers automatic fall detection with a GPS locator and access to emergency responders through Push Button Care technology. Our members are never alone with Push Button Care from OverSightMD.  In a time of need, the OverSightMD care team is available to support you with navigating the healthcare system and assisting you with your long-term wellness goals. Push Button Care Support    

Automatic Fall Detection

Falls are a leading cause of emergency room visits.  In case of a fall with our automatic fall detection, you are not alone inside or outside of your home.  This automatic feature reduces the time between a fall and you receiving care.  If the automatic fall detection pendant triggers a fall alert, you will be contacted immediately. If our response team is unable to reach you, emergency response will be initiated to confirm your wellbeing.  

Emergency Response

With the push of a button, you connect to an emergency responder.   After pushing the button, the individual answering at the call center has your basic contact information on file plus your location via the GPS locator in the device to provide to responders.  The call center team quickly assesses your situation and coordinates emergency response if needed wherever you are located. 

GPS Locator

Every Mobile Support device includes GPS location support.  The GPS locator assists the call center and emergency responders to immediately find you wherever you are.  The GPS locator along with the automatic fall detection capabilities ensures that even when unable to communicate with our 24/7 call center you will be found by emergency responders to provide emergency care. 

Connected Care Assistance – Vitals Tracking with Online Health and Wellness Record

Every Push Button Care member receives the benefit of the OverSightMD online health and wellness record.  This record is used to document and share your medical history, past hospitalizations, allergies, and current medications.  Using our mobile app you can update the record with daily health vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, weight, O2 levels, glucose, temperature, and health-related symptoms you may be experiencing.  By sharing this record with your primary care physician or staff at an emergency room the information can give them valuable insight into your current health and past history.  A well maintained online health record can greatly reduce ER check-in stress and improve the ongoing care you receive by your primary care doctor. 

Care Navigation Support  

The OverSightMD Care Team stays in touch with every member recovering from an emergency response incident.  If you need help navigating the healthcare system, have questions planning your discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility we are standing by to listen and provide assistance. OverSightMD provides the most comprehensive mobile protection and medical navigation support in the country. Our end to end solution delivers peace of mind and on-demand support that every American should have. Call us today to get started.