About us

OverSightMD is a national leader in proactive care management and has become the platform to establish a continuum of care solution for our clients and partners. Our TeleCare Enterprise platform provides a comprehensive product and services suite that empowers hospitals, managed care organizations, post-acute providers, and in-home care companies to function as proactive healthcare delivery systems with the primary goals of reducing hospital readmissions and improving patient care.

OverSightMD continuously evaluates and only integrates best-in-class hardware solutions into our TeleCare Enterprise platform to make the collection of patient data easily deployable for patients with a variety of risk factors. Then, through the TeleCare Enterprise platform, our team of nurses and care navigators monitor patient data from a myriad of sources including applications, nurse wellness calls, RPM and cRPM devices to identify negative symptoms and vitals data and trends as well as social determinants of health and patient history to ensure that proactive care is received and that daily issues can be resolved expediently. OverSightMD makes patient data instantly actionable to improve patient care, reduce ER visits and prevent hospital readmissions.

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