Our Push Button Care™ devices are delivering an immediate competitive advantage to home health agencies.  Push Button Care support allows patients to stay closely connected with their home health providers while under service. Home health agencies benefit from our well-rounded readmission defense solution focused on keeping their patients out of the emergency room through a virtual call light system, vitals tracking, and preventive wellness checks. Through continued engagements for 90 days after discharge from home health services, every agency deploying Push Button Care™ solutions has the opportunity to continue to service a clients home health needs if their health declines.

Push Button Care Support

Push Button Care Mobile Support

Virtual Call Light™ System

We help home health agencies bring a higher level of care to patients through the push of a button.  When a patient presses the button for support they will be immediately connected to our support team. Patients can share nursing questions or therapy concerns and a report will be provided daily to their home health agency. In case of emergency, protocols will be followed to assist the patient and inform the home health agency about the reason for emergency support. Patient’s can always feel confident reaching a live person at any hour of the day and getting immediate feedback on their concerns. Knowing their home health provider will be following up with them provides peace of mind.


Readmission Defense Solution

Every patient equipped with the Mobile Protect solution is equipped with automatic fall detection and a GPS locator.  The automatic fall detection technology will alert falls and initiates an immediate response from our call center. Even if a patient does not have a fall that causes serious harm, your agency is informed and can take preventive measures to intervene before a  more serious fall occurs.


Symptoms & Vitals Tracking Between Home Health Visits

All patients are provided access to the OverSightMD mobile application for documenting vitals and symptoms.  These vitals and changes in condition are made available to your team through a live dashboard to review and track and include in decision making regarding patient care.  Patients with chronic conditions and difficulty using a mobile application to report vitals and symptoms may be equipped with our Health Link solution including a cellular wellness monitoring kit for automatic bluetooth vitals transmission to their online health and wellness record.  Home health agencies will receive a weekly patient population wellness report and always have access to real-time information through the patient wellness dashboard.  Leverage our weekly reports with your referral sources to reinforce the benefits of choosing your home health agency versus the competition.

home health wellness kit

Chronic Care Wellness Support

Routine Wellness Checks By Support Team

The Push Button Care support team conducts routine wellness checks with each patient based on a schedule set by the home health agency. If any changes in condition have occurred since the last home health visit.  We provide immediate feedback to the home health agency for review whenever a concern is expressed. Our wellness check process is designed to cultivate a relationship with each patient and for 90 days after home health services have ended. The Push Button Care support team will continue checking in with the patient to keep the home health agency closely connected in case the patient is in need of additional home health services.


24/7 Medical Alert & Connected Care Coordination

Equipping every patient with the mobile protection device is a way to differentiate your home health agency with others in the market.  Your patients can be confident that in the event of an incident they have multiple options for support through our Push Button Care device and our highly trained call center operators will determine and dispatch the appropriate responder– be it medical, police, fire, a family member, or caregiver.  Home health agencies can provide enhanced support, reduce nursing visits and increase their census with a comprehensive connected care model driven by technology, data, and communication.


Stay Connected After Home Health Services End

Our care team will stay engaged with each patient for 90 days post-discharge from home health services. In the event that a change in condition is reported during our routine wellness check, we will update your home health agency and coordinate with the patient’s physician to get new home health orders for your agency. If a patient elects to keep the Mobile Protect service and privately pay for it on a monthly basis, participating home health agencies can stay virtually connected to their patient population year-round.