Caregiver Certification

Private duty caregivers receive the necessary training from OverSightMD to become a valuable asset to our team.

Connect to the Care Continuum

The special role of certified caregivers is now more important than ever before. OverSightMD is connecting private duty caregivers directly into the care continuum of hospitals, skilled nursing, home health, hospice, and primary care. This elevates the important role caregivers provide in serving seniors. Certified caregivers get the benefit of training, continuous education, mobile friendly tools, and a support ecosystem to drastically change the care they provide.


OverSightMD offers advanced caregiver communication training and certifications in over 40 areas to empower caregivers to observe, report, and assist patients with complex conditions. OverSightMD is the fastest growing partner of the healthcare industry to solve the billions of dollars in preventable hospital readmissions. Hospitals are excited that we are training and certifying private duty caregivers to understand the needs and care requirements of high risk patients.

Continuous Education

We support our certified caregiver through education materials, nurse supervised training, and the tools required to improve communications between caregivers and OverSightMD. By having access to continuing education opportunities to enhance skills for the changing future in healthcare caregivers certified by OverSightMD are ready for even the most challenging of patients to support.


Our Certified Caregivers have the opportunity to join the OverSightMD Caregiver Association to gain access to high value placement opportunities.  All caregivers can maintain a public profile highlighting their caregiving experience, skills, and certifications by OverSightMD. Our certified caregivers are empowered with skill sets and knowledge to qualify for higher wages. Become an OverSightMD Certified Caregiver today and get recognized for your excellence.

3 Easy Steps to Success