CMS Initiatives We Support

Remote Patient Monitoring

Independent physicians and medical groups can now easily offer a high presence care model through our comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution. We eliminate the roadblocks to deploying a successful RPM solution for patients. Our end to end solution for Remote Patient Monitoring aligns with the aging in place needs of patients and is reimbursed by Medicare for qualifying patients. For complete details please visit Remote Patient Monitoring for Physicians

Chronic Care Management

OverSightMD strives daily to serve the needs of patients facing long term chronic conditions with our aging in place solutions. Every patient receives a personalized solution based on their needs and goals. Care coordination is made easy and accountable through proprietary hand off protocols. Patients receive routine wellness assessment check-ins between visits and have access to health care professionals on demand. We make documenting patient engagements and care across the care continuum easy to meet the requirements for Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program.

Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced

OverSightMD has years of experience managing bundled patients and consistently maintaining preventable readmissions well under 5% and patient engagement above 95% over a 90 day risk period. Our solution is designed to mitigate the risks associated with Medicare’s Bundled Payment for Care Improvement Advanced initiatives for hospitals and post-acute. We connect the care continuum allowing non-affiliated hospitals, post-acute providers, home health agencies, and Home Care companies to function as a unified healthcare delivery system to reduce ER visits, hospital readmissions, and improve patient outcomes.

Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly

The OverSightMD platform and service are uniquely crafted to meet the challenges associated with PACE: Programs for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. Improving the prospect of Seniors to stay in the comfort of their home is a driving force behind our aging in place solution. Enhancing communications across the entire care continuum from specialized hospital care to routine daily caregiving is easy through our care management platform. Utilizing remote patient monitoring for high-risk patients and personalized patient engagements for all patients makes staying aware of all patients in a patient population simpler than ever before.

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