Integrated Care Management for Providers

The American healthcare system could save up to $48B annually, if behavioral and physical treatment were fully integrated.

















Integrated Care Management for Providers

The American healthcare system could save up to $48B annually, if behavioral and physical treatment were fully integrated.

OMD Integrated Care Management IS the Solution For Medical, Clinical, IOP / PHP Providers

OMD integrated care management crosses medical, substance use disorder, and mental health treatment silos that prevent devastating, cost-incurring, and PREVENTABLE treatment errors. 

OMD Offers Fully Integrated Patient-Directed Care Management

We deliver seamless support and oversight to manage the medical, psychiatric and substance use disorders for complex, co-occurring patients. We introduce cost-saving interventions that interrupt the high acuity events normally leading to residential and emergency care re-admissions.

The OMD Integrated Care Management 3-Step Activation Process

  1. Activate client on daily self-awareness reporting and relapse management program.
  2. Start OMD hourly behavioral monitoring to develop greater awareness of physical relapse cues.
  3. 60-Days of relapse monitoring, nursing relapse assessments, & care coordination

Enhanced patient and provider experience

Our integrated care management platform ensures a seamless patient and provider experience that enables the whole clinical team and patient to access a 24-hour OMD nurse-monitored data dashboard, with immediate alerts to the internal signals of psychiatric and medical shifts that require intervention to avert a care crisis.  Patients feel seen, heard, and responded to in real-time, allowing them to partner in their ongoing relapse management.

Why Use OMD Integrated Care Management?

Effective full integration begins with a comprehensive assessment by a licensed co-occurring specialist. As health care reform continues to drive evidence-based, outcomes-oriented standardization in addiction medicine, over 30 states and most insurance providers have officially adopted the ASAM Criteria as the go-to method for determining appropriate levels of care for people with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Cooccurring Disorders.

We Support Your Personalized Care Team

Based on the assessment,  our integrated care management team staff will support your clinical team from our preferred provider network to develop a comprehensive and seamless plan for the patient. The patient can be included in the case review for THEIR input and receive a copy of the written care plan the team is following.

Patients are referred to the medical or behavioral health level of care they need, and a OMD nurse and Care Coordinator are connected to their team to avoid gaps in care and treatment errors.

Increased Your Patient Volume

Decrease no show rates and improve patient participation as they are included in the treatment team and have access to a HIPPA compliant portable medical record through our dashboard accessible to them offering transparency about patient status across all providers. Studies show that patients tend to enter and remain in treatment longer using telehealth when experiencing provider alliance and engagement.

OMD Integrated Care Management Connects Patients with Their Providers

Our clinical and nursing team provides continuous data review and alert function, allowing medical, psychiatric, and substance use clinicians to focus on clinical care. OMD enhances collaboration with providers through shared real-time clinical information and hand-offs. Our team provides highly trained guidance and support via email, phone, and in-app messaging throughout the treatment journey.

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