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Our programs are designed to understand your complete health needs and support your physical, emotional, and social health. OverSightMD assists individuals with getting the care they are seeking before they really need it at all stages of life.


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A wearable device provides Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring (cRPM) that effortlessly collects and securely transmits data via a smartphone or cellular enabled device so an OverSightMD nurse and care navigation team can monitor vitals and daily trends.

OverSightMD has developed a market-leading cRPM solution with integrated best-in-class hardware technology.   into the OverSightMD TeleCare platform where collected cRPM data can be monitored by OverSightMD nurses and care navigators to make the patient data instantly actionable.

Our TeleCare Enterprise cRPM solution is designed for payers and providers that need a comprehensive platform to manage their patient population. TeleCare Enterprise cRPM is designed to support hospital-at-home, skilled nursing, home health, and home care providers with a high presence monitoring of patients. The TeleCare Enterprise cRPM solution helps care providers to efficiently collect patient data and see trends to improve patient outcomes and prevent ER visits and hospital readmissions.

OverSightMD cRPM Solution

  • 30 days of continuous monitoring on a single-use device
  • Device monitors the temperature, respiratory rate, body position, coughing frequency, heart rate, activity, & on/off body alerts
  • OverSightMD nurses monitor data and conduct daily virtual rounding.
  • FDA-cleared medical devices
  • Bluetooth® & cellular solution, no smartphone required.
  • Subscription based

OverSightMD cRPM Sticker:

Payers • Managed Care Organizations • Hospitals • Medical Practices

Home Health Agencies • Senior Living

Patients diagnosed with Sepsis, Pneumonia, Stroke, COVDI, and as recommended by the clinical team.
Patients discharged to a SNF with a high ER or in-patient readmission rate.

Virtual Rounding a Powerful  Healthcare Defense Strategy

Continuous Patient Tracking


Nurse Monitoring Vitals & Symptoms


Alert Based Interventions


Wellness Assessments & Coordination

Continuous Solutions

The secret key is flexibility

Daily Vitals

Daily vitals are essential to reducing risk.  OverSightMD offers multiple vitals collection methods to meet the needs of individuals. We use wearable stickers, traditional vitals devices, and multiple methods for self-reporting to make daily vitals gathering painless.

Symptoms & Health Concerns

Individuals can always self-report symptoms or health concerns and OverSightMD nurses conduct assessments during virtual roundings.

Care Coordination

Our care team is in your corner.  Navigating the healthcare system can be challenging and frustrating.