OverSightMD Hospital at Home empowers hospitals with real-time patient information through the care continuum. 

OverSightMD TeleCare Solution

TeleCare Platform

TeleCare Monitoring Devices

Preventable Readmission Defense

Symptoms Monitoring

Vital Signs Tracking

Care Navigator

Proactive Care Notifications

Risk Stratification with Social Determinants

OverSightMD Platform & Services Drives Success

OverSightMD Post-Acute Care Network


Skilled Nursing Facilities

Home Health Agencies

In-Home Care

Assisted Living Facilities

ED Diversion

Urgent Care Clinics

Medical House Calls

Advanced Post-Acute Network Benefits

  • Real-Time Data Analytics and Sharing
  • Patient-Driven Care & Proactive Caregiver Support
  • Care Delivery OverSight & Coordinated Care
  • Best-in-Class Network PAC Providers
  • Data-Driven assessments to identify preferred network partners
  • Enhances collaboration with post-acute providers through shared real-time clinical information and handoffs
  • Improves communication and trust with providers within the network using care coordination platform
  • Provides easy access for patients to engage with their post-acute care teams

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