Hospital at Home

27% of Hospital Readmissions are Preventable
18 Million out of 27 Million ER Visits are Avoidable.

OverSightMD Hospital at Home Solution

OverSightMD TeleCare Platform


Continuous Remote Monitoring Devices


Virtual Rounding


Symptoms Monitoring


Vitals Tracking


Care Coordination


Proactive Care Notifications


Risk Stratification with Social Determinants


OverSightMD delivers Hospital at Home programs with continuous patient monitoring. 

Key Benefits

  • Continuous Monitoring for 30 Days and Up to 90 Day Risk Periods
  • Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce ER Visits
  • OverSightMD Care Navigator Support with Care Coordination Services
  • Reduce Hospital Staff Engagements with Discharged Patients
  • Provides easy access for patients to engage with their post-acute care teams
  • Enhanced Support for Highest Risk Patients¬†
  • Real-Time Data Analytics and Sharing
  • Improve Coordination Between Patients and their Physicians
  • Critical Care Alerts to Hospital Team to Prevent Readmissions

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