Medicare Advantage Solution

Member Preventive Health Management

Our personalized approach to managing your wellbeing means access to real preventive health.  It is easy to keep the providers most important to you updated on your daily health through the OverSightMD Assisted Living at Home and Care Connect devices.  Automatically share your vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, respiratory rate, and weight each time you take a measurement and communicate any changes in condition through the push of a button. 

Active Case Management

Following the care plan on a daily basis is critical for seniors living with chronic conditions or recently recovering from a stay at a hospital or skilled nursing facility. We assist members to reach their long term health goals by providing them an OverSightMD Care Team representative that is dedicated to understanding their current health and wellness and provide the support needed for success.

Remote Member Engagement

Through our Assisted Living at Home and Care Connect devices staying connected to your care team has never been easier.  Every member will also receive routine wellness assessments with their dedicated care team representative to discuss health concerns and provide care coordination support to ensure that the delivery of care is satisfactory to your needs.

Home Safety Solution

The OverSightMD platform is dedicated to improving the overall safety in the home for every senior.  Every member is equipped with a device in their home that allows them to immediately access a trained care professional for medical assistance.  Our medical alert device is also equipped to directly contact emergency responders in case of a medical emergency.  While wearing the fall detection pendant in the home each member is protected in case of a major fall in the home, even if they can not push the button to communicate the device will recognize the fall and generate a response to check on the member in their home.

Real-Time Member Communication

Access care professionals through your Assisted Living at Home and Care Connect device and immediately communicate with someone that can help solve your problem.  Through our comprehensive clinical dispatch service, your primary care provider can be notified or a mobile physician can be dispatched to address your health concerns. 

On-Demand Access to Providers

We maintain real-time insight on the performance of skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, care communities, and primary care physicians in your region so that we can make the best referral possible for every patient and their health needs.  Talk with your care team representative about a referral if you are unhappy with the service you are receiving from any of your providers.

Real-Time Member Risk Prevention

We take a holistic approach to identifying and tracking risk for every member.  The long term care of every medicare advantage senior is based on understanding the risks associated with their medical history, the current level of care support, and the home environment. We help member mitigate risks through our home safety assessment, medical records review, and by maintaining a risk profile as you transition across all levels of care.

Provider Performance Monitoring

We help every member hold their care providers accountable.  Our number one goal every day is to help advocate for patients by helping them share meaningful information to their providers and present it to them in an actionable way so that there is no excuse for your needs to not be addressed.  When a provider fails to meet the standards that we set for skilled nursing, home health, and primary care, we will help you find a provider that can step up to the challenge of delivering exceptional care to you.

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