OverSightMD Inc. has formed a strategic alliance with GeissMed, an on-demand mobile medical group, to expand our connected care platform to meet the growing needs of seniors across the country.

 GeissMed powered by OverSightMD means patients can expect a quality of care not seen from traditional medical groups or other house call practices.  By leveraging advanced technology and innovative approaches to bedside care, payers can be assured that the health and wellness of their members will be superior to any other care model. OverSightMD promotes best practices for preventive care, and ensures that GeissMed physicians have the information and support they need to deliver outstanding care directly to seniors at home.

“Our mobile medical group is excited about further integrating the OverSightMD platform into the way we manage our practice, says Dr. John Mark Geiss, CEO of GeissMed.” “Having real-time, patient population management, operations tracking and wellness monitoring empowers our patient-centric preventive care model that can drive patient outcomes to a whole new level. Exactly what payers want to see from practices today. OverSightMD provides an arsenal of capabilities to not only our practice but with anyone we support. Pure transparency and real-time connected care is no longer a dream for the industry.”

“We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with GeissMed through our strategic alliance,” says Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD, “GeissMed is an amazing organization that understands and embraces the power of our platform, products and services. Dr. Geiss has designed a very scalable mobile medical model and aligns well with our national growth plan.”

OverSightMD enables non-affiliated hospital and post-acute providers to function as a unified healthcare delivery system to reduce ER visits, hospital re-admissions, and improve patient outcomes. OverSightMD provides continuous patient population management and facilitates the seamless exchange of relevant data to allow providers to focus on what is most important to improve care delivery and outcomes. Hospitals and healthcare plans now have access to real-time clinical and financial insight across the entire care continuum.

GeissMed is the fastest growing mobile medical group in California. GeissMed is the leader in delivering home medical services to patients in the comfort of their own residence, skilled nursing facility, senior living community, group home, or assisted living facility. The GeissMed team of compassionate physicians has years of experience in caring for the homebound elderly and those that are unable to travel to a doctors office.  GeissMed brings the full capabilities of a medical practice directly to the home of seniors and delivers preventive care through personalized year-round on-demand support.