Silicon Valley, CA – OverSightMD Inc., a pioneer in advanced care management and healthcare technology, is pleased to announce a game-changing addition to its service roster, “PreCareMD.” The initiative is designed to provide a comprehensive pre-primary care clinical safety net for underserved communities while broadening care management capabilities.

“Our mission at OverSightMD is to transform healthcare through an innovative pre-primary care solution that focuses on the whole person,” said Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD Inc. “Our pre-primary care model is unique and powerful, addressing all aspects of well-being. Through PreCareMD, we are committed to making healthcare proactive and personalized.”

PreCareMD combines sophisticated patient-centric solutions and advanced technologies to provide continuous health tracking, year-round whole-person screenings, routine labs, and advanced care management that addresses the holistic – physical, mental, emotional, and social – needs of patients. Managed by an integrated team of experienced physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, and care coordinators, this multifaceted initiative bridges the primary care gap and other on-ground healthcare provisions.

Envisioned as more than just a service, PreCareMD seeks to transform how primary care is delivered. Through daily monitoring and early interventions, patients and healthcare professionals can switch from a reactive approach to a more proactive stance. Timely healthcare interventions not only improve primary care access but are also proven to reduce healthcare costs significantly by preventing ER visits, hospitalizations, and health relapses.

As an organization committed to improving healthcare accessibility and “closing the care gap” in primary care, OverSightMD empowers patients and healthcare providers with comprehensive health data and insights, proactively enhancing patient self-awareness and overall care needs. By utilizing continuous health monitoring and routine patient-reported symptoms and behavioral health vitals, along with up to hourly clinical surveillance, providers gain a comprehensive understanding of their patient’s PreCareMD “year-round physical,” strengthening their ability to deliver personalized care plans that prioritize preventive measures.

OverSightMD remains committed to expanding access to quality healthcare and reducing disparities in underserved populations. The launch of PreCareMD represents a significant step towards achieving these goals, as OverSightMD leverages technology, partnerships, and community outreach to make healthcare more accessible and proactive for all.

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About OverSightMD
Founded in 2013, OverSightMD is an advanced care management and healthcare technology company providing the most comprehensive pre-primary care clinical safety net on the market today. With the expansion of its advanced care management services through PreCareMD, OverSightMD aims to bridge primary care gaps and deliver unique whole-person preventive care to underserved communities. The integrated team of healthcare professionals ensures proactive patient care throughout the year, utilizing continuous health monitoring, routine self-reported symptoms, behavioral health vitals, and up to hourly clinical surveillance.

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