OverSightMD expands its patient population management software to fit perfectly with the needs of Medicare Advantage plans growing their member base of seniors seeking innovative solutions to their care to allow them to age in place. The Medicare Advantage Platform by OverSightMD simplifies managing lives, staying engaged with elderly members, and delivering safety and security directly into the home which reduces risks and improves outcomes.

The OverSightMD technology allows seniors to easily capture important health vitals and changes in conditions which empowers their providers to deliver responsive and personalized care with detailed analytics and automated alerts that prioritize each members’ needs. Through the push of a single button, OverSightMD gives seniors a direct line of communication to providers and emergency responders to give peace of mind to them and their families that their medicare advantage healthcare plan makes them a priority and is there for them when they need it most.

The OverSightMD Medicare Advantage Platform includes the following features:

  • Member Preventive Health Management
  • Active Case Management
  • Remote Member Engagement
  • Home Safety Solution
  • Real-Time Member Communication
  • On-Demand Access to Providers
  • Real-Time Member Risk Prevention
  • Provider Performance Monitoring

“We help keep members and their care teams connected and informed through using the latest in digital health innovations, applying years of knowledge of overseeing seniors recovering from hospital stays, and ensuring all communication between members and their providers is timely and responsive to proactively address health concerns, says Mark Godwin, CEO of OverSightMD.”

OverSightMD enables non-affiliated hospital and post-acute providers to function as a unified healthcare delivery system to reduce ER visits, hospital re-admissions, and improve member outcomes. OverSightMD provides continuous member population management and facilitates the seamless exchange of relevant data directly from the members home to allow providers to focus on what is most important to improve care delivery and outcomes. Hospitals and healthcare plans now have access to real-time clinical and financial insight across the entire care continuum.