OverSightMD has achieved an 11% reduction in preventable readmissions resulting in an average savings of $8,000 per patient, per quarter for a Southern California hospital system participating in CMS BPCI Value-Based care model.

OverSightMD delivers a comprehensive vitals and symptoms monitoring solution with care coordination services to improve outcomes for healthcare organizations.  In order to meet the needs of a leading Southern California hospital system OverSightMD customized our value-based solution to create an effective integrated care model.  In the first nine months, this collaborative solution resulted in a reduction of preventable readmissions by 11%  Along with the savings resulting from reduced readmissions the OverSightMD care team reduced recovery risks and additional costs through aggressive case management and patient advocacy.  As a result, the hospital system realized an actual savings average of $8,000 per patient per quarter.

OverSightMD Results from Proactive & Integrated Care Programs

OverSightMD Value Based Program Components:

OverSightMD Platform


RPM Vitals Tracking

cRPM Sticker

Symptoms Monitoring

Nurse Monitoring

Proactive Alerts

How did we achieve these actual savings? 

 Through OverSightMD’s collection of proprietary technologies and a highly empathetic and compassionate care team.  Our team understands how to assist patients while recovering at home by diligently monitoring vitals, symptoms, and health concerns as they materialize.

Overview of this Value Based Program

  • Our hospital partner set an internal goal of reducing the preventable readmissions of discharged BPCI patients
  • The OverSightMD Telecare platform with RPM and cRPM technology was enabled to collect regular vitals and health data from BPCI patients.
  • BPCI patient primarily CHF, MI, and Sepsis received either a RPM kit or a cRPM sticker with a cellular communication hub to transmit data automatically.
  • OverSightMD nurses conducted daily virtual rounding, addressed patient care questions and concerns, and verified abnormal data.
  • OverSightMD monitored and analyzed patient data, identified negative data and trends, and escalated alerts to our hospital partner transitional care management team and with home health or primary care as needed.

OverSightMD (oversightmd.com) was founded in 2013 and is a leader in proactive integrated health management. The OverSightMD TeleCare enterprise platform, our team of physicians, nurses, and care coordinators are dedicated in overseeing the whole person and making sure integrated care is being provided by the existing care team.

Our clinical team is dedicated to monitoring patient data from a myriad of sources including self-reported symptoms, nurse wellness calls, RPM and cRPM devices to identify changes in condition on a daily basis with up to hourly updates. OverSightMD makes health data instantly actionable to improve daily health management and to prevent avoidable ER visits and hospital readmissions.