OverSightMD’s Connected Therapy Cloud Bridges Home-Based IOP Care with Treating Clinicians

Silicon Valley, CA – OverSightMD Inc., an integrated healthcare management company, announces the successful implementation of its new behavioral health solution OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud℠, to bridge the gap between home-based Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) care and clinical follow-ups with treating clinicians.

OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud is a powerful and innovative technology that enables a continuous, comprehensive care path for individuals undergoing treatment for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Mental Health disorders. By allowing personalized coaching and tracking functionalities that connect patients, nurses, therapists, and care coordinators, the technology offers a unique platform for an integrated and coordinated care approach.

Those undergoing treatment for SUD and Mental Health often transition from a structured and supportive environment to unsupervised home environments, which can be challenging to manage. OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud offers tailored support to patients outside traditional care settings, providing them with the necessary tools to manage stress, triggers, and depression.

“OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud has revolutionized the recovery process outside clinical settings,” stated Mark Godwin, Founder, and CEO of OverSightMD Inc. He added, “The solution offers enhanced care via real-time monitoring and intelligent reporting to ensure clinicians have data to support decision-making in their ongoing care coordination with patients.”

OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud offers adaptive, real-time monitoring and coaching by clinicians for those who have completed their IOP course with a monitoring service that alerts care teams when patients’ parameters are out of range. The program helps identify, track, and manage symptoms and triggers, such as sleep disruption, mood changes, or irregular medication patterns. Additionally, it incorporates wearables, personalized resources, coaching, and telemedicine functionality to address immediate support needs over time.

OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud offers a unique and innovative solution for treatment teams. It enables them to coordinate patient care, quickly identify intervention opportunities, and manage overall care from mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.

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OverSightMD ( Founded in 2013, OverSightMD Inc. is a leading integrated health management company providing healthcare solutions tailored for hospital systems, providers, and employers. The OverSightMD platform integrates state-of-the-art technology with an experienced clinical team of physicians, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, and care coordinators continuously monitoring and screening the well-being of patient populations. Their personalized patient care approach encompasses data tracking from various sources, including self-reported symptoms, nurse wellness calls, advanced RPM, and wearable devices. Their proactive intervention strategy aims to improve daily health management and prevent incidents like disease relapse, unnecessary ER visits, and hospital readmissions.

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