Silicon Valley, CA – OverSightMD, a value-based integrated care management company, announces the latest innovative addition to its healthcare technology suite. OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud has made integrated care a reality for virtual teams by providing a comprehensive and seamless solution to personalized care delivery.

Virtual teams have become a new normal in the healthcare industry, with many organizations shifting towards remote care delivery. While virtual patient care has benefits, it can also create fragmentation in care delivery, leading to ineffective outcomes. OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud addresses this challenge by providing an integrated platform that connects clinical teams, patients, and care coordinators for a coordinated and effective care approach.

The platform’s unique functionalities, such as real-time monitoring, nurse treatment reminders, and tracking, enable clinical teams to personalize care delivery, ensuring patients receive optimal care according to their needs. The platform is designed to provide a continuous care path, from Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) care to clinical follow-ups with treating clinicians, ensuring seamless care delivery and personalized support to patients outside the traditional clinical settings.

“At OverSightMD, we believe that healthcare is most effective when it’s integrated and coordinated. With our Connected Therapy Cloud platform, we can seamlessly connect virtual clinical teams, patients, and other care providers,” said Mark Godwin, Founder and CEO of OverSightMD.

The platform’s telemedicine functionalities, personalized nurse treatment reminders, and wearable devices facilitate its advanced cloud technology. The platform’s intelligent reporting feature allows teams to use data to drive better decision-making for the treatment of patients, leading to higher satisfaction levels, improved health outcomes, and reduced readmissions.

OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud’s success in transforming virtual care delivery. For more information on how OverSightMD’s Connected Therapy Cloud can enhance your virtual care delivery program, visit

OverSightMD ( Founded in 2013, OverSightMD Inc. is a leading integrated value-based care management company providing healthcare solutions tailored for hospital systems, providers, and employers. The OverSightMD platform integrates state-of-the-art technology with an experienced virtual clinical team of physicians, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, and care coordinators continuously remotely monitoring and screening the well-being of patient populations. Their personalized patient care approach encompasses data tracking from various sources, including self-reported symptoms, nurse wellness calls, advanced RPM, and wearable devices. Their proactive intervention strategy aims to improve daily care management and prevent incidents like disease relapse, unnecessary ER visits, and hospital readmissions.