Patient Advocacy Reduces Aftercare Readmissions

Integrating patient advocacy into a comprehensive aftercare solution is critical. Patients directly benefit with knowledgeable and compassionate professionals supporting them through the recovery process at home. Navigating the healthcare ecosystem is a challenge for many individuals and their family members. Being able to rely on a compassionate patient advocate can make all the difference in a patient staying on the path to recovery or returning to the hospital. A dedicated patient advocate that delivers compassionate support, health education, and acts as a clinical liaison improves recovery outcomes.

Compassionate Support

Patients recovering from life threatening conditions benefit from an empathetic advocate willing to listen to their concerns. These can be scary and frightening times especially for patients that are left to recover on their own with the close love and support of friends and family.

Health Education

Following doctors orders is difficult for many patients. While they may be focused on getting better, complex cases can be difficult to manage alone. Patient advocates find success when they can bring clarity to the critical elements of each patients recovery and keep them focused on their goals. Continuous education is necessary to stay on track and avoid forgetting the little things that make a big difference in recovery. Relying on patients to self-identify changes in condition that warrant a doctors review often results in late responses. By engaging with patients on a regular basis, it is possible to eliminate unnecessary delays in responding to changes in condition. These time delays can lead to ER visits versus a standard doctor visit.

Clinical Liaison

Getting health care providers to respond in a timely manner to address a change of condition is critical to a successful recovery. Patient’s often don’t know the right words to say to express an acute related symptom or know how to demand the attention of care providers. Having a strong patient advocate that can clearly communicate with the care continuum drastically speeds up response times to care being provided.

The OverSightMD care team is trained to personalize patient engagements to provide compassionate support, health education, and be a clinical liaison as needed. Patient advocacy is time consuming and often difficult work due to all the unique variables of each patient, but it is vital to any successful aftercare program.