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Older adults today are enjoying more out of their later years than any generation ever before. Are you spending too much of your time managing life instead of living it?  Do you want to avoid expensive health and living expensives?  

What Leads to a Loss of Independence?

Family Concerns

Loved ones start noticing that you are struggling with simple tasks of daily living.

Bad Falls

Every 11 seconds, an older adult is treated in the emergency room for a fall.

Chronic Pain & Diseases

80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 68% have at least two.

Mobility Problems

Nearly 40% of people age 65 and older have at least one disability making them less active and engaged.

Support is Standing By

The PushButton Care team of family caregiver assistants, care navigators, and nurses understand how important your independence is to you.  Learn how we assist older adults and family caregivers with overcoming the challenges with aging in place.

Caregiver Assistant

Take away the fear of aging in place. A personalized aging in place assessment provides an easy to follow plan.  Speak with a caregiver assistant to discuss any questions or needs to get the help you need for yourself or loved one.

Care Navigator

PushButton Care helps you navigate the healthcare system and the challenges of daily living.  Members can request quality reports about local care organizations and service providers. Get support with what is concerning you the most.

Wellness Review Nurse

The Push Button Care support team conducts scheduled phone wellness reviews with members to discuss any recent changes in condition, symptoms, or health vitals of concern.

A Plan to Follow

The secret keys to independence.

Access to Experts

Through the push of a button you can access an aging in place advisor or personal assistant to respond to your needs.  Nurse advice and care coordination support is always available too.

Activate Your Independence Plan

Build your custom independence plan by working with an aging in place advisor.  Take preventive actions now to reduce fall risks and improve your daily routine to accommodate aging.  Our members receive a free mobile support pendant with fall detection to have immediate access to their personal assistant to make independence easy.

Protect Your Health

Our preventive care reminders are designed to keep you on track to stay healthy and remain independent. Easily document health changes, new symptoms, changes in conditions, and vital signs like blood pressure to share with our wellness nurse, your doctor, and any concerned family members.

Stay Active & Engaged

Remain active and engaged with family, friends, and communities that you love the most.  Gain time back that you are losing to tasks related to managing your daily routine, health, and wellbeing.  Your Push Button Care team is always standing by.

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Aging with a Support Team

Save Time

Spend precious time doing what you love, not waiting on hold.

Save Money

Avoid unnecessary medical or living expenses by following senior independence best practices.

Peace of Mind

Stop worrying, we are listening, we can help guide you to the right answer for your concerns.

Age In Place

Have the tools and resources to remain independent in the comfort of home.

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