OMD Assisted Living at Home


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OMD Assisted Living at Home is a life changing in-home solution aimed at serving seniors and their families by delivering safety, security, and reliable care directly into the comfort of their home.  Every senior wishing to age in place now has the ability to gain the security and support of a traditional assisted living environment without having to leave the place they know as home.

The OMD Assisted Living at Home package includes the following services:

  • Remote Wellness Monitoring (Blood Pressure, Weight, Oxygen Saturation, Temp, Glucose, Sleep & Activity)
  • Medical Alert System with Fall Detection Pendant
  • Mobile Doctor Dispatch or Primary Care Coordination*
  • Care Team Coordination
  • Preventive Care Reminders
  • Free Family Caregiver Training
  • Care Plan Oversight
  • Online Care Tracking Application
  • Live Online Health & Wellness Record
  • Weekly Wellness Assessments
  • Free Senior Home Safety Kit
  • Smart Home Medication Dispenser**
  • On-demand Home Care**
  • Family & Care Team Wellness Dashboard Access
  • Support for meal plans & food delivery as well as home care support is available through approved partners**

**Additional Fees Apply

The available wellness monitoring devices to choose from including the following:

  • Bluetooth Standard Weight Scale
  • Bluetooth Large Capacity Weight Scale 550lbs
  • Bluetooth Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Bluetooth Universal Glucometer dongle
  • Bluetooth Pulse oximeter
  • Bluetooth Thermometer   
  • In Final Testing ETA June 2019 – Smart Wearable Watch with Geo Tracking and Fencing, Fall detection, Cellular Connectivity, Touch Screen and Voice Controlled, Medication Reminders, Bluetooth Activity, Sleep, Heart Rate, 2 Lead ECG, Pulse Ox, and Embedded Medical Alert