COVID-19 Tracking Platform & Screening Solution

Creating a Safe Environment for Schools & Organizations

  • Mobile web application for individuals to report symptoms, vital signs, COVID-19 exposure.
  • Enterprise-level HIPAA-compliant platform to protect individual privacy and data.
  • Data monitoring by nurses.
  • Quarantine compliance tracking through wellness checks, remote monitoring of symptoms and vitals, and care coordination.
  • Contract tracing documentation.
  • On-site screening and testing services available.
  • Supporting confidence to reopen offices, schools, manufacturing, food processing, dental and medical care, retail, restaurants, gyms, and personal care services.

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Exposure Defense

Individuals document all their contact with potentially compromised individuals.

Team Protection

Individuals self-report daily symptoms, vitals, and changes in condition.

Real-Time Risk Analysis

Population management dashboard for monitoring wellness of individuals across all locations.

Confidence to Reopen

Provide peace of mind for all staff and patrons by monitoring the health and wellness of your staff in real-time.

Real-Time Mobile Health Status

OverSightMD COVID-19 Screening Solution

  • Each user is provided access to the OverSightMD mobile web application. 
  • OverSightMD personnel or your staff trained by OverSightMD conducts on-site temperature screenings every day.
  • A rapid response onsite screening team is deployable nationwide for special hiring periods.
  • OverSightMD provides COVID-19-diagnosed and quarantined employees with ongoing wellness checks and remote monitoring of their symptoms during each episode. 
  • OverSightMD’s HIPAA-compliant platform supports employee privacy and data protection. 
  • 24/7 Care Team support for employees and administration.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may be ordered through OverSightMD for your screening staff.
  • PCR swab testing kits may be ordered and made available to be administered by OverSightMD nursing staff.
  • OverSightMD is continuously evaluating home testing kits, including saliva and finger-prick tests, as they are developed by vendors.