What We Do

Real-Time Population Management

Real-Time population management with clinical insights and real-time analytics. Population management dashboards are customized to manage risk and care delivery outcomes.

Symptoms and Vitals Monitoring

The OverSightMD platform receives real-time symptoms, vitals, and other actionable clinical information. All data is analyzed and stratified by risk.  OverSightMD nurses monitor every person’s updates.

Real-Time Interventions

Clinicians deliver real-time interventions to reduce readmissions and solve costly changes in individuals’ conditions before they escalate to higher levels of care.  OverSightMD’s TeleCare solution is designed to proactively identify problems and assist people with the decision-making process concerning their care.

Clinical Hand-offs and Coordination

OverSightMD nurses share the right updates to the right clinical teams to eliminate preventable readmissions and costs associated with delays in care delivery.

Real-Time Clinical Communication

Our built-in analytics and monitoring protocols expedite communication between clinicians to focus on the most at-risk people and clinical concerns at any given time.

remote patient rounding

Virtual Rounding

OverSightMD nurses and care navigators virtually observe and communicate with each person under monitoring routinely.  This established relationship drives success for individuals living with multiple co-morbidities.

Real-Time Risk Management

We maintain risk profiles on everyone as they transition across all levels of care.

Care Continuum Scorecard

We maintain real-time insight on the performance of all providers across the care continuum with scorecards. Our real-time insight map is regularly updated from public and private sources. OverSightMD sets itself apart from every other performance monitoring tool available to healthcare companies by integrating active case data into our scorecards.