What We Do

Hourly Population & Care Management

Hourly population & care management with clinical insights and real-time analytics. Population management dashboards are customized to manage risk and care delivery outcomes.

Hourly Symptoms and Vitals Monitoring

The OverSightMD platform receives hourly symptoms, vitals, and other actionable clinical information from advanced RPM technology. All actionable data is compiled, interpreted, & shared with treating local clinical resources. 

Early Relapse Interventions

OverSightMD Connected Therapy Cloud has been designed to support multidisciplinary care coordination among addiction specialists, mental health professionals, and OverSightMD nurses. The platform integrates medication management, telehealth services, and up to hourly patient, relapse monitoring to provide a comprehensive approach to care.

Hourly Clinical Hand-offs and Coordination

OverSightMD’s Hourly Clinical Hands-off & Coordination services provide healthcare facilities with a dedicated remote team that conducts hourly rounds, monitors patients, and coordinates care with physicians and behavioral clinicians. This innovative approach improves patient safety and reduces unnecessary hospital stays by identifying potential issues early and streamlining communication between healthcare providers.

Real-Time Clinical Communication

Our built-in analytics and monitoring protocols expedite communication between clinicians to focus on the most at-risk people and clinical concerns at any given time.

remote patient rounding

Hourly Virtual Rounding

OverSightMD’s Hourly Virtual Rounding prevents chronic diseases from recurring among high-risk, high-acuity patients. This innovative solution combines telemedicine and continuous remote monitoring to offer patients real-time access to their existing healthcare providers and care teams.

With OverSightMD’s experienced clinicians conducting hourly check-ins, reviewing patient data, and collaborating with hospital physicians and nurses in delivering individualized care to each patient, the solution is geared towards enhancing patient experience, improving outcomes, and reducing readmission rates by 15 percent or more.

Real-Time Risk Management

OverSightMD uses advanced monitoring technology and predictive analytics to continuously assess and manage the risk of adverse health events in real time. This enables healthcare providers to intervene quickly and prevent potential issues before they become serious, improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Post-Acute Provider Tracking & Scorecards

We maintain real-time insight into the performance of all providers across the care continuum with scorecards. OverSightMD sets itself apart from other healthcare performance tools by integrating active case data and directing change management to actively improve care delivery for patients under our oversight.