What We Do

Patient Population Management

Easily view changes in conditions on all at-risk patients across Post-Acute settings including: skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities, and even recovery at home. Elevate patient alerts to care teams & see responses in real-time as clinical teams respond to the patients needs. Management dashboards can be customized to meet the needs of administrative and clinical staffs.

Active Case Management

Following the care plan on a daily basis is critical for high risk patients, yet difficult to maintain over the long term without the tools and personnel in place to eliminate gaps or errors in care. Every patient receives undivided attention from their OverSightMD Care Team representative that is dedicated to understanding their care needs and access to the support needed for success.

Continuous Patient Engagement

Staying engaged with patients that are recovering at home can be a challenge. The OverSight care teams follow specific engagement protocols that strengthen communication with each patient to uncover valuable insights from even the most difficult to communicate with. Our wellness assessments cover a large range of topics including: patient feedback, changes in conditions, self-reported vitals, caregiver updates, care coordination with doctors and home health agencies, medical supply problems, medication needs, and transportation.

Care Continuum Interoperability

The OverSightMD platform integrates with electronic health records(EHR’s) such as EPIC, CERNER, All Scripts, MatrixCare, and more. This makes deploying OverSightMD easy. We can receive and share patient information & history, vitals, nursing notes, orders, and much more directly from each care organizations system. For home health agencies and caregivers without EHR’s using OverSightMD’s mobile solution is HIPAA secure and simple to use.

Real-Time Clinical Communication

The OverSightMD dashboard views and proprietary patient alert & handoff system enhances real-time communication internally and across the care continuum. We deliver the capability to effectively communicate and keep accountable other organizations involved with a patients care. Our built in analytics and protocols expedite communication between clinicians to focus on the most at-risk patient at any given time.

Provider Tracking

We monitor the care and support provided by all healthcare organizations supporting a patient.  Through our patient engagement process we receive detailed feedback directly from the patient or their responsible party on the care being delivered and any concerns.   All collected information is immediately displayed in real-time dashboards and reports that are easy to navigate. Our dashboard highlights active cases every day that need intervention to improve the patient outcomes and final performance scores for providers.

Real-Time Patient Risk Stratification

We take a holistic approach to identifying and tracking risk for every In-Patient and Post-Acute patient. Understanding the risk profile allows each responsible care giver to proactively mitigate risk for each patient under their charge. In-Patient risk profiles change due to negative changes in condition or positive improvements and these are presented to clinical teams in easy to view dashboards. The long term recovery of Post-Acute patients is directly related to their social determinants and we evaluate risks in the home, the level of available support, and a list of other factors to generate our after care risk assessment. We maintain risk profiles on patients as they transition across all levels of care.

Care Continuum Scorecard

We maintain real-time insight on the performance of all providers across the care continuum with scorecards per entity.  This includes hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, home care companies, assisted living facilities and other care communities.   Our real-time insight map is regularly updated with the latest information available from public and private sources and is made available to clinical and social services teams making referral recomendations for patients everyday. OverSightMD sets itself apart from every other performance monitoring tool available to healthcare companies by integrating active case data into our scorecards.

How We Do It

Keeping the Care Contiuum Connected