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Whole-Person Care Management

OMD Advanced Whole-Person Care Management offers a confidential and virtual solution to empower YOU to manage your complex struggles with medical, mental health, and substance use issues.

It Starts with an Assessment

Effective full integration begins with a comprehensive assessment by a licensed co-occurring specialist who will assess for the presence of medical, mental health, and substance use issues to build a personalized care plan for you. This is a patient-directed model, which means YOU will be defining recovery and wellness for you. Our job is to point out challenges and offer options.

You are referred to the medical or behavioral health level of care you need, and a OMD nurse and care coordinator are connected to your team to avoid gaps in care and treatment errors.

Connect to Your Integrated Support Team 

Activate your integrated care management team.

Your OMD care management team utilizes personal communications, self-reporting apps, and wearables to drive your success.

Develop greater awareness of physical cues preceding a return to use or increased psychiatric or medical symptoms.

Activate OMD Whole-Person Care Management

Daily self-awareness reporting and relapse management.

We are watching for discrepancies between the feelings you report and the cues your body might be giving. This is the blind spot for a lot of recovering folks that makes us feel like a return to use catches us by surprise.

What Does This Look Like?

“John is in early sobriety and finds between 5:00 and 7:00pm particularly hard for him though he has not identified this. The OMD nurse has noticed an elevation in his behavioral health vitals that alerts her to give John a call and check on him. Together, they create a plan for the next few hours and she sends a text to his counselor to follow up with him ASAP.  When he meets with the counselor they look closely at the specific physical cues John experienced and identify feelings and physical cravings that he can recognize in the future.”

Track Progress and Measure Goals

Our app-based Daily Check-in with a journal option and access to your dashboard allows you to measure your progress, track your personal triggers, and empowers you to observe your progress in real-time. You don’t have to ask the team, “How Am I Doing?” You will KNOW how you are doing and where you might need support.

Your Data Becomes a Portable Medical Record

Our whole-person care management ensures a seamless patient and provider experience that enables the whole clinical team and patient to access a 24-hour nurse-monitored behavioral health vitals dashboard, with immediate alerts to the internal signals of psychiatric and medical shifts that require intervention to avert a care crisis. Your OMD medical record will include your lab results, behavioral health vital sign history, and medications to integrate your care when needed.  

You will feel seen, heard, and responded to in real-time, allowing you to be a partner in your ongoing advanced care management.

Private and Confidential

Your recovery is YOUR journey.  OverSightMD care management is confidential, meaning only you and your personal care team know the details of your treatment plan and progress.


No Judgment

OMD whole-person care management was designed by clinicians and people with lived experience to approach medical, psychiatric, and substance use from a Harm Reduction model. Our goal is to support you towards your goals, and we recognize the genuine impact of stigma. We use the term “we” here a lot because medical, psychiatric, and substance use are physical and human challenges, not character-based.

Let OMD Advanced Care Management Team Be Part Of Your Recovery Team


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